Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Welcome Baby Isla - Nora's little sister ;-)

Nora will be three next month and she just welcomed her little sister last week.  She "loves her baby Isla" and is so good with her.  Not so into taking pix tho, but we made it work!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kaelyn Turns 4

I also am realizing I never posted Kaelyn's official 4 year old photos.  Being the daughter of a photo crazy mom is somewhat annoying I'm sure.  So these were taken in maybe 5 minutes.  And yes, there was a bribe involved.  But at least I got something...

Baby grows up!

Baby girl is growing so fast. I took these for during a quick visit last August - it was not an official shoot. But she's so darn cute it doesn't matter if they are official photos or not! At 15 months, the walking and camera shy stage is at full force...so these were the best of a very challenging attempt to get a couple of photos!

Forgotten Fall

I just realized I never posted these photos from October. I brought Kaelyn and Andrew along so it really was two shoots in one! Kids had so much fun at this pumpkin patch/animal farm!