Previous Years

Kaelyn Turns 2!

Merry 1st Christmas Kaelyn!

Happy First Birthday Kayla!

Happy Halloween Kaelyn...
and Happy 1st Birthday!

Aiden Turns 1!
Gotta love pumpkins!!!

Welcome Baby Bella

Bella Turns 6 Months!

Morgan Turns 1!
When a child turns 1 it is Korean tradition to throw a very large (we're talking "wedding" style) celebration.  In the olden days, a child didn't always make it to 1 year old and when they did, it was a major cause for celebration and thankfulness.  I was honored to record this memorable cornerstone in Morgan's life.  

Remington Goes to the Beach!

A Baby Girl on the Way...
There is nothing like the glow of a new mommy-to-be. 

Welcome Aiden!
My first paying customers - and super close friends of ours.  I was so excited to document Aiden's first year. And so sad when they moved away when he was turning 2 and anticipating becoming a new big brother. We still miss them greatly - and after going down memory lane to look through these images, it breaks my heart that I don't have any more to look through (and Aiden is now over 4 years old!)